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Alexis Texas is back, and fans, I’m feeling rowdy. I get myself oiled up and ready, and then I step out to where Erik is waiting for me… waiting to put me on the floor and flll me with his dick! This is a no foreplay, no bullshit gonzo video. If I could have dragged this on longer than 36 minutes, I would have… but instead, I just slammed my pussy all over his balls as hard as I can!

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Alexis Texas and Sandy will have you screaming “just get on with it!” by the time you’ve soaked in these 156 photos. Not that this is a tease session… oh hell no. No way can I be naked next to Sandy for 156 photos without getting my tongue and lips wet inside her pussy! But this set is all about the light touches, the seductive and sensual stuff… trust me, tongues feel really good dragging over your pussy excruciatingly slowly!

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